A conversation between Lead Pastor, Dr. Cole Phillips, at The Connection Church, and 2-Time Super Bowl Champion and wife, Bruce and Holly Collie.

To win on the football field, teams need a winning strategy. God’s playbook, the Bible, is full of principles for living a life of faith. In this powerful discussion, we talk with 2 time winning Super Bowl Champion, Bruce Collie and his wife Holly.

Bruce Collie is a former pro offensive lineman in the NFL for the San Francisco 49er’s and the Philadelphia Eagles. He was drafted in the fifth round of the 1985 NFL draft from UT Arlington. He and first-round pick Jerry Rice were the only players from that draft class to suit up for the team, which went on to win Super Bowl titles in 1989 and 1990. Collie was a reserve in ’89 and a starter at guard in ’90.

He was released by the 49ers following the 1990 Super Bowl and signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. Among his new teammates was Reggie White, nicknamed “the Minister of Defense” for his Christian ministry work.

“One of the greatest things that ever happened to me was getting fired from the 49ers,” Collie said. “Through that whole process, I came to faith and Jesus Christ. When I got to the Eagles, I met guys that loved Jesus and weren’t ashamed to talk about it.”

He and his wife Holly have 13 children, aged 27 to 12, and two grandchildren.

In this message, you will discover how to deal with life’s hard hitting moments and how to execute God’s great plan for your life.

Questions to Consider

  1. What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? What was the most exciting moment of the Super Bowl?
  2. Pastor Cole often says, “Don’t give first-class allegiance to a second-class cause.” What are some unworthy goals that you’ve seen people reach for?
  3. Bruce’s mom asked him this important question, “What are you going to do with your life?” How would you answer that question?
  4. How is the moment you are saved like the starting line instead of the finish line?
  5. Bruce said some of his teammates treated him like he had the plague when he became a Christian. How did your relationship with your friends change when you became a follower of Jesus?
  6. Read Psalm 127:3-5 and Psalm 128:6. In what ways are children a gift from God? What is our responsibility to God with the gift of children?
  7. Read James 1:22 and Luke 11:28. Bruce said that the Bible is our Playbook for life or like “Plays on a Chalkboard.” In what ways do you think the Bible is a Playbook for life?
  8. Coach Bill Walsh said, “It’s not the mistakes you make, it’s what you do about them. When you let the last play affect your next play, you’re not going to be a champion.” God is the same way. How will you apply that principle to your life and even to your parenting?