This week’s Midweek/Connect podcast is an inspiring discussion with author and friend, Michael Flournoy. We’re talking about Michael’s newest book, Falling into Grace: How a Mormon Apologist Stumbled into Christianity.

Michael’s story is an inspiring picture of God’s grace in action. As a decades-long defender of Mormonism and a devoted member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, he publicly debated evangelical Bible-believing Christians. He even authored a book written to show the congruency of Mormonism and biblical Christianity. Along the way, he discovered that the two were completely incompatible. As he pursued understanding God’s free gift of grace, he personally encountered Jesus and his life was forever changed.

In our discussion, Michael talks about the differences between Mormonism and authentic Christianity. You will be challenged and inspired to hear his personal story of amazing grace.

You can purchase Michael Flournoy’s book, Falling into Grace on Amazon by clicking here.